Digital Education

It’s a fact. The time individuals spend on the internet and social media is exploding, giving mainstream media and media pundits an opportunity to distort the role and impact of entrepreneurship in Pennsylvania and the wider United States. It’s our mission to strengthen the knowledge of those who already believe in entrepreneurship and change the hearts and minds of those that don’t grasp its vital importance to our Commonwealth and country.

Entrepreneurial Advocacy

We’re focused on motivating elected officials to advocate and vote for free market policies within the General Assembly. By working directly with legislators, we are able to engage and educate them on the precise way the legislation they’re considering impacts the Commonwealth’s business climate.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Rise and Serve

We exist to inspire entrepreneurs to rise up and serve—as legislative candidates or behind the scenes. It’s time to leave the safety of the sidelines. We’re here to challenge more entrepreneurs and small business owners to engage in civics and protect the entrepreneurial way of life.

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