Milan Naramcic has lived the American Dream. He was born in what was Yugoslavia, a part of the Soviet Union. The Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian war after the fall of communism tore the country apart. Milan and his family found themselves in a refugee camp with little more than the clothes on their backs. Thanks to strangers’ generosity, they were able to come to America with the help of Catholic charities.

Milan’s life in America had its ups and downs. He played college football but lost a scholarship and the ability to play football to an injury. Afterward, we worked to become a certified personal trainer, and that is how he met his business mentor. Milan met a restauranteur who became a client and then a friend. Eventually, thanks to a lot of hard work, his mentor took him on as a partner. Together they opened BurgerYum.

If you think the American dream is dead, Milan’s story of entrepreneurial grit will inspire and possibly, change your mind. Please take a few minutes to watch his video for the Entrepreneurship Protection Program (EPP) to learn more about how success is possible thanks to an entrepreneurial spirit.