How can someone go from living as a child in a 144-square-foot home with sixteen other people to being the Chairman and CEO of a community bank?

In his video with the Entrepreneurship Protection Program (EPP), Chairman and CEO of LINKBANK, Andrew Samuel, reflects on his experience living the American Dream.

There is a formula for successfully achieving the American Dream. The formula includes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to persevere.

Too many Americans don’t fully appreciate the opportunities afforded to us by capitalism. As Andrew says in his video, “You don’t have to have the right last name, the pedigree, etc. Nobody cares about that. You have the opportunity to do anything you want to do.”

His early childhood in India helped to foster his entrepreneurial spirit. Starting at the age of six, Andrew worked to ensure that his family could eat for the day. Growing up in a home with no electricity, he would frequently finish his homework by light from a streetlamp.

His hard work paid off. Andrew had the opportunity to come to America as a college student. He learned about his new home in Central Pennsylvania by working as everything from a busboy to a short-order cook at a local restaurant.

Andrew’s experiences working with the public shape his commitment to his bank’s customers today. Please take a few minutes to explore his wisdom on business and how Andrew’s lifetime of experiences impacts the work he does today in his community.